Zoom Eve- Rejuvenating serum (5ml)

Eve- Rejuvenating serum (5ml)


Looking for a little extra plumping this winter? Add 2 drops of Eve into your winter skincare routine to battle dull skin. Powered by Carrot and Blueberry Seed oils, this pairs perfectly with your heavier night-time moisturizer or mask. Mix 2 drops into your night-time moisturizer to give your complexion hydration overnight. 

Blueberry Seed Oil, Wild Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter*.

*organic ingredients

Aroma: Earthy, Sweet

Product Texture: Rich, Cocoa Butter flakes (they will melt into your skin)

Skin Feel: Soft


Add 1-2 drops into your palm to mix with your night time moisturizer or mask. 

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Eve- Rejuvenating serum (5ml)